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GEDACOLOR Company History

GE DA COLOR , an amalgamation of GErry DAhinden.

In the 70s Gerry Dahinden Senior was responsible for the development of the speciality chemicals and dyes used for sub surface printing of anodised aluminium.

Gerry Dahinden Junior founded the fabrication and trading company in 1980, 7 years after he had finished his training in screen printing. Amongst other things he developed the GEDA coating machine which to this day is still used to apply the photoresist to the GEDA photosensitive plates. Much sweat and hard work was invested into building up the company and it's worldwide distribution network for the Gedakop and Gedalu system of pre prepared anodised sign materials. The network spread to 20 countries including Japan, Australia, and South Africa.

Later on in the 80s Gerry Dahinden Junior founded a second company, namely Schilderkop AG whose main function was the production of industrial and advertising signs for the Swiss market. It has at times employed up to 12 people. The mid 90s brought the major decision from the multi tasked and still active owner, to sell Schilderkop AG to an external investor and decamp to his second home Greece for a completely new life style.

Today's owner and MD Daniel Keller started working for GEDACOLOR in February 1992 and was responsible for Sales and Administration. In 1996 he became MD and part owner. On the 1st of January 2001 he acquired 100% ownership. The new owner has since criss crossed the globe actively supporting the client and distribution base in over 30 countries by providing sales as well as exhibition support for the signage and advertising markets.

Daniel Keller
Owner und CEO


GEDACOLOR AG, Feldmattstrasse 34, CH-6032 Emmen/Waldibrücke, Switzerland
Telefon +41 (0)41 268 83 31, Fax +41 (0)41 268 83 32, Mail