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Gedalu aluminium sign system / anodised printing

The (underinking) copying technique for large run production of multi-coloured anodised aluminium panels. The following printing artwork is suitable: stencil film or repro film print onto GEDA-Laser-Star polyester film (mirror image) using 600 dpi laser printer, re-ink with GEDA-black.

GEDALU screen printing / GEDALU alu signs for advertising and industrial signs like front panels an machine plates

1. Screen printing
We recommend the use of a commercial photo layer on a stencil type 120 and a well ground rubber squeegee. If required, dilute the screen printing dye with GEDA Thinner to be ready for printing. If possible, flood once and then print twice.
2. Drying
In case of room temperature the drying time is at least 2 hours. If a drying channel or something similar is available: Dry for 1 hour at room temperature, then put in the drying channel. Anodic pores require this time to soak with dye.
3. Sealing
For sealing, the pannel is immerged in the GEDA-sealing tank into boiling water (at least 95 ? 98 C during 40 minutes). By this process the dye is protected completely in the closing pores of the aluminium. The GEDALU-pannel is now characterized by resistance to scratching and solvents.
4. Final cleaning
Use the environment friendly GEDA-clean or nitro for the final cleaning.

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