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Professional machines for sign makers! Also for metal and aluminium signs.

GEDA Exposure Unit
Light-weight, compact exposure units with blue actinic UV fluorescent tubes.
Typ AY 320, AY 360, EX 304

GEDA-Sealing Tank
The screen-printed of dyed Gedakop« aluminium photo plates are sealed during the final work step.
Typ HB 320, 1000

For professional and time-saving cutting of Gedakop« aluminium photo plates, Plexiglas and plastics of all types. Varga Typ VA11, VA21-15

GEDA Cutter
The GEDA Cutter is used for clean and accurate cutting of Gedakop« aluminium photo plates and similar material such as sheet metal, clear cast resin panels, plastics etc.

GEDA Knuckle-joint press
Hand-operated Knuckle-joint press for punching or stamping Gedakop« aluminium photo plates.
Typ Jossi KP 2.1 N

GEDA Coater 1030
The GEDA Coater 550 is the ideal roller coating machine for the Gedakop« aluminium photo system.

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