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Gedalu-System FAQ

Your panels smear after final cleaning.

1. Screen-Printing
a) Lack of dye in the pores: flood once, print twice. At least print slowly to enable the resist layer being dissolved and thy dye to work in

b) Print on the backside of the panel:To find out the proper side to print on: . Moisten the panel slightly; If the "stain" stays, it's the not coated side which is not to be printed on.

c) Only use stencil types up to 120; if you use coarser types, too much dye will be applied to the panel.

d) Striation (after sealing) on big printing areas: scraper is too sharp, bevel edges with sandpaper, use 70-75 shore.

e) Blushing (after sealing) on big printing areass: scraper is too blunt, grind it; use 70-75 shore.
2. Drying
d) Let the dye dry for at least one hour, before putting it into a drying channel. Without drying channel at least two hours.
3. Sealing
e) Preheat sealing water to 95░C / 203░F before putting in the panels.

f) Water temperature too low because of potentially imprecise temperature display. Turn up the controller until water is close to boiling point.

g) Do not fall below 40 Mintues sealing time.

h) Mandatory: Change Water and sealing salt after max. 6 month! The salt helps to close the pores and protects the color from fading.

i) If you did all the above and the problem persists, do the following: Agitate the panels in the water for 2 or 3 minutes. Only then put in the nets and finish sealing. By doing so, the surplus dye is easier coming off the surface and there will be no "dye-layer" on the panel.

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